Friday, 28 March 2008


It was a place
that never saw sun.
A place from
which I wished to run.

Run away!!!
To a land of sunshine.

my skin,flesh and blood.
energy and spirit, flow like flood.

Run away!!!
To a land of sunshine.

dew drops settling on green hoods.
rays of light taking over the woods.
desires of people making groovy moods.

Entwined so much with life,
I could never run.
Fleeting from the darkling land,
I had nothing to be won.

Though I hoped,
someday, sun would shine this end.
And it did!!!

A day,
sun rose ultimately,
giving all the hopes,
that never drops!!!

Friday, 21 March 2008


A bird,
fluttered it's wings.

Was the snow.
Was far away.

Poor thing,
it trembled in air.
Causing to
go with the wind.

it fought, hushed up.

Was the weather.
Was when it would cease.

to it's condition.
Fading into
the snow for ever.

The bird was me.
The snow was grief.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

"My Hubby's Love"

got married!!!

I love him.
He also loved.

I saw my entire world,
in his sparkling eyes....
Oh! what a life indeed!!!

His love,
swirled up the blood.
So intense,
drilling bones,
and what not!!!

Wait a minute!!!

You thought he loved me???
Well, my hubby loved his love.

I should be sad,
Aah!!! what a pain indeed!!!

Still, I smiled.
For I loved him!!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

"A Unique Composition"

A musician, once...

composed pain and love!!!

A wonderful piece of work!!!

Compiled into a melancholic melody...


the beats of my heart,
the rhythm of my thoughts,
the tempo of my breathe,
the hum of my sobs,
the notations of my poetry.

The music flowed...
from his heart but never reached mine!!!

Probing for that flow of love...
I never found it!!!

Though wanted it badly...
It was never found!!!

But it was heard...
as an eternal reverberation of my love!!!
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