Monday, 27 October 2008

"The Fall of an Apple!!!"

the time of fall.
Golden leaves
spreading on my lawn.
Barren branches
getting ready for snow.

There stood,
a lonely apple tree.
Emptying herself
to welcome winter.

And I saw,
the last apple fall.
As red as a blush
As shiny as love
it fell on the grass,
blending green with gold
and red on the ground.

Through the window,
I saw the apple fall.
Red and glossy
like my window curtains
drawn to both the sides
only to see, the apple fall.
It rolled only a little
and laid calm on the grass.

was my mind
in the sunny cold clime.
I ran through
the wet uncut grass.

Hold on!!!
A phrase borrowed
not finding the right words.

'On the spur of the moment'
I was down to reality.
Seeing one side of the apple,
rotten and bitten by worms.
Disgusting and filthy, like my life.
Giving itself for birds to feed.
Dying of the pain from bird bites.
Rolled only a little with pain.
Died calmly on the grass.

tears fell from my eyes
flowing down my cheeks
to fall on the rotten apple.

Yea, it was a fall
and that was a rotten apple!!!

Friday, 17 October 2008


that intruded my heart,
injected the venom of love.
Infected and passive,
I became.
Too strong, his looks
Too weak, I became.

as he behaved,
melted my frigid senses.
Insane and anxious,
I became.
Too placid , his gestures
Too sleepless, I became.

that he bore,
electrified my spirit .
Amazed and dazzled,
I became.
Too vigorous, his energy
Too charged, I became.

that flowered the mind,
spread my hopes in life.

No more, I would dare to write...
Can't you see?
I'm already tagged by his love!!!
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