Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Witch

Dance to the joy in life.
And I danced in a trance
absorbing all the beauty around me.
The muttering wind, cold grass,
flying sea gulls, the echo from the shore far,
the warm bon-fire, the grey clouded sky,
the distant folk music, the fresh smell of earth,
All circling my mind.
I danced. Danced in trance!

Ah, the night so enchanting,
when I opened my eyes.
I was naked like the nature.
The nature, so ready for my spell.
Air, water, fire, earth and my spirit
all invoked to a magic world.
And I was ready to cast my spell.

A spell with a magic portion,
so special, so strong.
Herbs picked from the sleeping woods
etherized by the night, a pinch of black salt
to keep away evil, lavender oil to fill it’s fragrance,
crystal melted dew drops carefully taken
from a frozen rose early in the morning
when sun kissed ‘goodbye’ to the stars.

A spell with a magic portion
very carefully prepared.
As I danced in trance,
I took the portion in my hands,
kissed it with my lips, repeating the spell.
And as I held it towards the sky,
I could see the full moon shining
to charge the portion with it’s magic.
And I danced in trance.

It was for the young mistress
at the knighthood mansion,
to attract her love.
Too soon, they got married.
Too soon, all came for me
to cast my spells on others.
Healed, I healed their worries
and sorrows with my magic.
And I danced in trance for
many nights, naked like nature
to charge their portions,
to heal their worries and sorrows.

Burn her to death alive!’
And I burnt alive frying my flesh,
absorbing all pain within me.
Roars of my villagers, fire eating my flesh,
the heat vaporizing my blood, my hair turning into ashes,
my nails falling down half burnt,
all the pain that was killing me now.
I burnt! Burnt with all that pain.
I tried to stare at the
young mistress with his man,
who was giving orders to burn witches.
She looked at me with rage and hatred now.
Perhaps, she forgot the
magic portion that I gave her.
The magic portion which
brought her love to her!

Burnt! And I burnt alive
frying my flesh until death
blending with fire,
that I invoked for all my spells.

Burnt, I burnt alive until death!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


It was twilight, the very twilight that
painters, poets, writers and musicians
never ceased praising through their way of art.
In that very twilight hour
As he lifted me with his arms,
I shrank like a cocoon
clinging on to his bare chest.

As he kissed my forehead with his cold lips,
I went blank like the dark night
Pressing my lips to his soft skin.

I was blank, indeed
Like a larvae inside the shell
in its own world.

In that very twilight hour
As he explored my mounts and shallows
With his thin aimless fingers,
I shivered like a banyan leaf
Burning down my worries beneath me.

As he licked my valley
I arched up my soul like a rainbow
Giving myself to him.

I was shivering, indeed
Like the banyan leaf with
the tunes of the autumn wind.

In that very twilight hour
As he took me over utterly
I slid down like the rainwater
through the pores deep down the earth.

I broke open the shell
and flew like a butterfly
To a new world
with my rainbow wings.

I fell from the top
Still trembling like the banyan leaf
Slowly falling down
with my freedom of thoughts.

In that very twilight hour
As he lay holding me in his arms
I found refuge under his sweating body.
As he smiled at me in peace
I felt the peace inside myself.

I was at refuge, indeed
from all the worries of my life.

It was twilight, the very twilight that
painters, poets, writers and musicians
never ceased praising through their way of art.
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