Sunday, 19 July 2009


I’m a storyteller.
People circle around me
to listen to my tales of
nostalgia, childhood,
love, hate, lust and
much more than that.
They laugh and cry with the
twists and turns of my stories.
I narrate my stories to all
willing to hear without any judgments.

I need no sympathy
or empathy.
For I just need them
to hear and enjoy the
twists and turns of my life.
So they learn to avoid the
climax, I had at the end !

Friday, 17 July 2009

Secret Whispers

A touch of breeze …
so soft, so alluring,
it embraced my cheeks,
whispered on my ears.

‘I’m the breeze.
I’m bringing love your way.’

I had been breathless
for years now.
I inhaled the odor
of my voidances till now.

‘I’m ready.
But I’m ready for a
hurricane of love.’

I whispered back.

The breeze passed by
smiling acrimoniously,
knowing it was not what I was seeking.

And I waited for a hurricane of love
knowing it will only last for few hours.
I’m smart
For I knew that secret
why the breeze had smiled at me !

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hide & Seek

He was speaking
about some website
that’s teaching him
the basic’s of English grammar.

I stared at him.
I was thinking something else.

“You have failed in
the basic grammar of life.”

I wanted to tell him.
But I remained silent.

Then, he spoke about a website of
Indian international poetry.
Probably to get
my interest on the conversation.

I again stared at him.
I was thinking something else.

“You have failed in the
poetry of love and life.”

I wanted to tell him.
But as always,
I remained silent.

And this time, he too
kept quiet.
Knowing my thoughts were
flying far beyond his conversations.

And we both, sat in the pub for hours
not talking to each other.

Just playing ‘hide & seek’
in the silence and darkness of our lives!
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