Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fire 'N' Ice

I was soaked in my sweat in the heat …
I was going blind …
Thirsty and weak …
And all I could think was about you …

Then suddenly,
I could see your eyes sparkling …
They were looking at me…
I was getting back my vision in a whole new world..
I saw the soft lips painting a smile on your face …
I was no longer thirsty and frail …
Your face brought a chill in my heart …

I shivered in the joy of seeing you again …
The heat had sunk into the bliss of zephyr …
My sweat had dissolved into a ray of emotions …

You were with me in the ‘other world’ finally!
The world that belonged to us …

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A fire stroke

You touched me
finally …
Pulling me deep down
into your world of magic ..
Esoteric, I felt all around …
Romantic, I felt inside …

It’s been long …
that I felt anything like it …

My gratitude will be paid
with my love and not in anyway ..
That I promise,
for I know that’s what even you are longing for !

Saturday, 15 May 2010


A lump in my throat,
My sleepless nights,
Tiresome eyes and a blurred vision.

Lying on my back,
My restless hands,
White ceiling stretching nowhere.

Too many gushing thoughts in my mind
My intimate emotions,
Heavy heart pulling deep into the earth.

Blank papers floating around,
My black gel ink pen,
Invisible words casting ghostly shadows.

‘It’s been months’, I thought.
Turned around and exploded my tears.
‘It’s been hours’, I sighed.
Stood up and wiped my tears.
Glanced over the room and was tormented.

None could share the grief,
And they just call it a ‘Writer’s Block!’

Friday, 2 October 2009

Lanka Restored

Tiger shot dead.
Everything came to an end.
Finally! Tiger shot dead.
And everything came to an end.

Nature, bestowed her best
in a land, to make it a paradise.
A paradise, Buddha once touched
with his enlightened thoughts,
buttered non-violence in it’s people.
While it’s people turned insane
of idiom, ethos and soil,
children woke up to
dodgy whispers of death every dawn.
And the paradise turned
insane with it’s people.
Insane, where they slaughtered
men, women and kids
with no exception of age.

‘Budham saranam gachaami’
Chants flew into deep nowhere
long since everything collapsed.
Chants! Chants twisted
into hurtful, damaging slogans.
‘Peace’ became a luxury for it’s people.
Peace! Peace was when
their aggressive enemy would
tremble to death in front of their eyes.
Death! When death is removed for a spur
from one’s life, they found peace for a moment.
Death! Death is here again in another fashion .
Like a game, they played against each other
Slaughtering, shooting, shelling, stabbing
and they found peace for a moment
after each unsafe victory.

Tigers! Tigers all around, darted hungrily
for blood, flesh and triumph.
Tigers! They engraved the pain
of distress, danger and suffering
in their own natives with piercing claws.
Wild and fierce, they scuttled
with red eyes, panting and thirsty.

The paradise, once bliss
now turned remains of a
non-violent, beautiful history.
A past that when to exile
by its own, under the ruined nation.
It’s soil now anesthetised by
the smoke of bombings and shelling.
Wrecked lives, screams of mankind,
pain of the lost and wounded, everywhere.
Everywhere, death showed it’s evil face.
None left with peace, if there is one.

Amidst, never ending cries,
a roar of edict brought smiles.
‘Tiger shot dead.’
Everything came to an end.
Finally! Tiger shot dead.
And everything came to an end.

No more bloodshed and misery;
thirsty for harmony, they urged!
Like a raindrop for a dry land,
Like a handful of rice for the famished,
They longed peace for a while!

Tiger shot dead.
Everything came to an end.
Finally! Tiger shot dead.
And everything came to an end.
Aahh! Bliss, true bliss,
now they know what it means!

Sunday, 19 July 2009


I’m a storyteller.
People circle around me
to listen to my tales of
nostalgia, childhood,
love, hate, lust and
much more than that.
They laugh and cry with the
twists and turns of my stories.
I narrate my stories to all
willing to hear without any judgments.

I need no sympathy
or empathy.
For I just need them
to hear and enjoy the
twists and turns of my life.
So they learn to avoid the
climax, I had at the end !
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