Monday, 8 September 2008

"Cuban Cigar"

Far, there stood a man,
with a cuban cigar in his hand.
My eyes filled red with respect,
for, he resembled 'Che'...

The urge for bread
became the urge for red,
which was the mass throb,
and it spread across the globe.

it visioned equality.
It heard danger.
It tasted blood.
It touched the common man.
It breathed freedom, ultimately.

Reminiscing facts,
mesmerically,I walked towards him.
Rippling smoke merged
into nature, not to be seen.

The Cuban cigar,
it's aroma has filled the hearts,
of many generations.
To feel that aroma,
I walked towards him.

But it was not a cuban cigar,
just a normal one.
And he was not a comrade
but just a hypocrite!!!
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