Thursday, 5 June 2008


It was a cold night,
and she was in a bar.
She caught my sight,
and I was in her car.
She touched me....
kissed me...
And said,
"Come on honey,fuck me!!!"

it was a cold night,
and she was my wife.
We had constant fights,
and we had our own rights.
She messed up with me....
shouted at me....
And screamed,
"My life got fucked!!!"

Once more,
it was a cold night.
and she had left my life.
Her thoughts made me sad,
and I was going mad.
I cried for her...
drank for her...
And cursed,
"Fuck you bitch!!!"


was my blood with grief.
was my ink in futile.

I tried to hold my pen,
decently as I could,
at that moment.
Eight pegs!!!
It tried to hold my senses,
indecently as it could,
at the same moment.

Tears and blood,
both tasted alike.
So did my
love and hatred.

Scribbling on and on,
tore my love letter.
Like the grudge which
tore apart my love.

Just one letter,
struggled again,
to satisfy my unhealed love.
But the vodka wouldn't give up,
without adding fire to my grudge.

With an incomplete letter and love,
With an eternal grudge and grief,
I died, clotting in my own blood and tears!!!

was my blood with grief.
was my love with the clots.
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