Monday, 21 January 2008


my baby girl was named.
There she lied,
in front of me...
the beauty of the world.

Tiny legs beating the cruelty.
Tiny hands pointing the reality.

"Did he love you ever???"
People asked.
'Yes', I avowed.
"This is the truth of our love!!!"

"Pravda" - is the name of the newspaper in the communist Russia which means 'Truth'

Sunday, 20 January 2008


A spark,
flicked by your love.
Melodies you made,
danced with my heart
The spark,
it grew into flames.
Turned intense,
by partaking our secrets.
The flames,
caught up the fire around...
In the centre of it,
sweating, bosoming, we stood.
The fire,
was heating up with carks.
Still we stood tight to another.

The heat,
burnt us live with love.
Still we stood static.
The wildfire,
melting you in my arms

My stang,
was heavy but only you melt down.
Your love
sticking on to my nous.

survived equal to death.

The ashes,
all I have left now
is of your eternal love!!!

Life is beautiful!!!

Too weird at times...
Called life!!!
Some feel,
"Did I really wanted it this way???"
Still it flows,
but through a different path...
Forced by the nameless
called the God,
like a sleepwalk through that path
There we go!!!
Bit by bit, in the gurgle of time
Eyes love all that come across us....

And we say, "Life is beautiful!!!"

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Together No More!!!

Still loved,
but together no more...
Each time
They saw one another
Eyes got hooked....
Stared every time
but when the other was not gandering....
Spoke often,
keeping the "needed" buried in their hearts...
Helped each other,
voluntarily but not giving thanks....

The urge to open up at times,
was waived away...
As then the fire cannot be set.
Even when wished,
No longer they could do things together.
At heart,
they lived united, but far in the world's eye.
Still loved, longed,lived
but together no more!!!

Monday, 14 January 2008

"The Walk"

I had a dinner,
which was heavy that
I came out of home, for a walk....

I looked at the sky
to see the blackness in my mind
I was eased when
the stars twinkling at me told
that I was not alone in this world!!!!

I looked around,
Saw the pine trees were
swamped in dew from heaven.
Wished to get drenched like one
That's when,
my eyes caught a couple
petting under a pine...

My buddy once said,
People are on aimless hunts
Eyeballs diddering in the crowd
as to find somebody but nobody.
Am I on an open eyes hunt this night????
Thank you my friend, for what you taught.

Heading home,
the sky was 'red n yellow'
winning over the black
painting mind with hopes...

As I slid through the door
couldn't stop looking at the sky once more.
And once again I felt...
I'm not alone in this world!!!!
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